Friday, January 18, 2013

Wire in the Blood

Wire in the Blood is a prime example of British television police procedurals at their best.

Dr. Tony Hill, played by Robson Green, is a clinical psychologist specializing in the thought processes of serial killers.  He’s also a professor at the local university but often misses classes due to his side job—consulting with the homicide division of the Bradford police.  With his quirky reasoning skills and obsessive focus on the slightest details of a crime scene, Tony’s personality traits sometimes seem uncomfortably similar to those of the individuals he profiles.

His knowledge of the criminal mind, human nature and police forensics make him an invaluable resource to Detectives Carol Jordan and Alex Fielding.  Opinions of Tony’s abilities aren’t as favorable at the university.  On a good day his academic colleagues disparage him as an eccentric.  On a bad day they wonder if he’s sane.

The violence in this series is graphic, and the unflinching depiction of heinous crimes isn’t for the faint of heart or queasy of stomach.  Watching Tony Hill unravel intricate mysteries is worth getting past any initial reaction to the gore. 

Based on the suspense novels of Val McDermid, Blood in the Wire is a gut-turning, realistic foray into the seedy underworld of psychopaths, kidnappers and murderers.  Try Touching Evil, also starring Robson Green, for another great British psychological thriller series on dvd.

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