Monday, January 21, 2013

Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George

Castle Glower is magical and alive. It often grows a new room or passage, usually on Tuesdays. It may make a room smaller if it disapproves of someone, or move the room farther from the throne room.

King Glower the 79th, his queen, and oldest son have been attacked and presumed dead. Princess Celie, Princess Lilah, and Prince Rolf, the heir chosen by the Castle, must strive to carry on. When the Castle shows Celie a new door to a secret passage and gives her a sound-muffling cloak, she discovers that the Royal Council is plotting with a foreign prince to take over the kingdom! Celie and her siblings must protect their home and save the kingdom.

Tweens will enjoy discovering the castle’s new rooms and seeing Eleven-year-old Celie and her slightly older siblings use their ingenuity to thwart the treasonous Council. When Rolf is forced into a coronation and under a regency, he uses adult tactics to confound the Council and show the citizens he is old enough, at fourteen, to rule on his own. Celie (and the Castle) use pranks to slow down and humiliate the Council, including weakening seams in each Council member’s clothes. When the children, fearing assassination, must hide, the Castle helps by creating or blocking doors for them as needed.

Jessica Day George writes many books about spunky girls who persevere, like Creel, an orphan who befriends a dragon in Dragon slippers, Dragon flight, and Dragon Spear. Find these and Tuesdays at the Castle, at your library.

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