Monday, January 07, 2013

The Snowman by Jo Nesbø

Suppose that late one night after snow has been falling for several hours, you glance out of the window to see a glittery snowman staring back at you from your yard. Festive and fun! Never mind that you don’t know how it got there.

In spite of the innocent-sounding title, this novel is not for the squeamish. Set in the bleak Norwegian winter, when snow regularly blankets the entire region of Oslo, a ruthless serial killer stalks, abducts and murders women. Each crime scene contains a sinister snowman complete with an object from the victim – a scarf, a cell phone…or sometimes even a body part. Loner and recovering alcoholic Harry Hole is in charge of the investigation. Harry is a little on the moody side and usually feeling somewhat on edge, but he’s a shrewd detective and has an uncanny view into the killer’s mind. As he carefully pursues every lead that comes across his path, meanwhile fighting his own demons, he remains unaware that he has somehow drawn the killer’s attention to himself, and to those close to him as well.

If you like Patricia Cornwell’s intense Kay Scarpetta thrillers, John Sandford’s wintry Lucas Davenport mysteries or Stieg Larsson’s books featuring the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, you will definitely enjoy award-winning Norwegian author Jo Nesbø. To feel the full impact of this creepy novel, dig into The Snowman on a cold winter night. If a blizzard is expected…well, that’s even better!

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