Friday, January 25, 2013

Floors by Patrick Carman

The Whippet Hotel is the most exciting hotel in the world, created by that wacky inventor and genius Merganzer Whippet. Leo Fillmore knows every nook and cranny of the hotel because he lives there and helps Mr. Whippet maintain the special rooms, including the Room of Ponds and Caves and the Pinball Room.

Now the hotel is in trouble. Mr. Whippet has been missing for one hundred days, and his absence is beginning to make a difference. Even Leo and his father, Whippet Hotel janitor Clarence Fillmore, can’t keep up with the endless tweaking and repairs the hotel needs to run smoothly.

One day while returning Betty and the other ducks to their rooftop home, Leo finds a mysterious box and a letter from Mr. Whippet’s attorney in the Duck elevator. Leo must find four boxes and follow the instructions successfully or “the Whippet Hotel and all it stands for will come to an end.” There are two key instructions: Always bring a duck and complete the tasks by tomorrow!

Thus begins a wild adventure with secret rooms and passages, wild rides, more elevators, and ducks. Can Leo safely navigate the Pinball Room – which is set up just like a real pinball machine? What happens when he gets on the train in the Central Park Room (a train inside a room?). Why ducks?

Grab your hat and a duck (if you’ve got one) and join Leo and the residents of The Whippet Hotel for a fantastic journey that will keep you wondering what Leo will find next.

Tweens who like Floors may also enjoy Horten’s Miraculous Mechanisms by Lissa Evans and its sequel, Horten’s incredible illusions. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart and its sequels are slightly longer adventure and puzzle stories. Librarians and Media Specialists may wish to consider reading Floors aloud to middle grade students. Find all of these at the Virginia Beach Public Library.


Carolyn said...

I just read this on your recommendation. Thanks, it was fun! And it was especially timely with the fate of the Cavalier Hotel up in the air right now.

Diane said...

I am thoroughly enjoying Floors - based on your recommendation! I would love to stay at the Whippet Hotel. And I think I'd like a robot like Blop!

Diane Wetterlin said...

Just finished Floors and went out to get 3 Below to continue the saga!