Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cake Balls: Amazingly Delicious Bite-Size Treats

By Robin Ankeny and Charlotte Lyon

Way back in the middle ages, I took a cake decorating class. Simple…bake the cake at home, whip up the frosting and take it all to class and learn to work with tips. One night, frustrated because the frosting after several batches failed me, I gave up, took the night off, and cut the cake into pieces like petit fours. Then, I worked frosting over it after playing with that. My invention was then tested and tasted by my boyfriend. He promptly vomited it within 5 minutes in the trash can. True story. I kept the man, but gave up blind concoctions.
Now, if this sumptuous book had only been around then for me to consult I could have given that failed cake a chance for success. Cake balls, you ask…what are cake balls? According to the author, they are crumbled bits of moist cake blended with rich icing, rolled into a ball, and then dipped in a deliciously wonderful chocolate coating. Yum already.
How did the ball start rolling you ask… author, Robin Ankeny, grew up eating cake balls. Her Mother served them often, and Robin kept the balls rolling as gifts for others. Few years later, and she and Charlotte Lyon own The Cake Ball Company in Dallas, Texas. This visual feast of a book is their first cookbook, after having perfected the art for several years, even gracing the Neiman Marcus pages!  Now that her cake balls are rolling, and her Texas secret is out-she has put together this delightful, wonderfully illustrated book so that we too can make these lovely desserts.
Every type of flavor from strawberry, German chocolate, Irish cream, brownie and even wedding cake is found in this book. Charlotte’s favorite? Hummingbird. Looks incredible too, and one could master this because the photographs are given step-by-step. Even more luscious is the up-close photographs of each cake ball recipe. More enticing is the tips and getting started chapters; they had some fun sharing their secrets. As the authors tell us, their main philosophy is “always have a ball.”
This new cookbook addition is a winner, and may be the next craze after cupcakes. If you like this book, also read Cake Pops: tips, tricks, and recipes for more than 40 irresistible mini treats by Bakerella.

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