Monday, December 31, 2012

Vintage North End, Virginia Beach: An Illustrated History by Ann Hanbury Callis and Dana Cullen

Traditionally when a year draws to a close we take time to look back through the months and reflect and reminisce on days gone by. And so I thought it fitting on this last day of 2012 to recommend a new pictorial book on Virginia Beach that celebrates and honors a venerable past.

The commitment and painstaking effort that authors Callis and Cullen put into compiling this attractive and charming book commemorating the North End is quite obvious with the turn of every page. Of particular interest is the prologue in which Claudia Mildred Emmerson Holland shares numerable captivating memories of her family and life while growing up in the North End.

I genuinely enjoyed browsing through this book admiring the photos and reading the captions. Inside this finely documented history there is much that you can learn about the city, its people, events, and milestones.

Find a copy of Vintage North End, Virginia Beach on the VBPL Catalog and take a relaxing journey down memory lane. If you would like to read more about the Virginia Beach area, definitely pick up a copy of Princess Anne County and Virginia Beach: A Pictorial History by Stephen Mansfield.

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