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The truck food cookbook : 150 recipes and ramblings from America's best restaurants on wheels

The Truck Food Cookbook : 150 Recipes and Ramblings from America's Best Restaurants on Wheels
by John T. Edge

Imagine that your favorite restaurant suddenly decided to move to a different location every day of the week.  That is how it is when you are a fan of a food truck.  They will be at a certain location, sometimes only one day a week and, often, for only a few hours.

The food trucks featured in this book are not to be confused with the mobile food vendors you might find outside your local hardware store or at the state fair.  Most offer less common ethnic fare while those that do offer hot dogs and burgers add their own unique ingredients.  In Venice, CA you will find hot dogs with fennel slaw or basil aioli.  In Minneapolis they will be split, grilled and topped with scrambled eggs or garlic beet sauerkraut. Also in Minneapolis their burgers are offered with condiments such as bacon ketchup or nettle butter.  In Portland for your grilled cheese cheeseburger the meat patty is served between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  If any of these items tempt you the recipes are in the book.

This book showcases food trucks from all across the U.S.  There are lots of photos throughout the book.  There are pictures of the food, the brightly painted trucks, and the owners that are often as colorful as their trucks.  Inside you will find recipes for peanut rice pancakes, breakfast sandwiches made with broccoli rabe and provolone, roast duck tacos, and sweet potato cupcakes with toasted meringue frosting.

Just don't look for a food truck near the beach or your office building yet.  This area has some tight restrictions on food truck operations so they are not too common.
Still feeling inspired to own and operate your own food truck?
You will need to contact the Commissioner of Revenue for a business license and the Police Department for a truck drivers permit.
Another great resource is the Wahab Public Law Library.  You can email the staff with your specific questions.

If you prefer to do the research on your own you can find a link to the Virginia Beach Municipal Code through the library's research page.  Just go to the library home page, click research, law, then Virginia Beach.

Some other books you might find helpful:

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Food On Wheels: Complete Guide to Starting a Food Truck, Food Cart, or Other Mobile Food Business
by Jennifer Lewis

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