Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Uncertain Places by Lisa Goldstein

It's 1971, and UC-Berkeley student Will Taylor meets the girl of his dreams.  Livvy Feierabend is smart, accomplished, sexy, and comes from a complex family that Will finds fascinating.  He's all set for his happy-every-after, because this must be a fairy tale come true.

Unfortunately for Will and Livvy, it is.  But there are no Disney princesses or kindly talking animals here.  Think Grimm, original Grimm.  Will soon finds that this family he's so intrigued by is trapped in a forgotten fairy tale.  They've got big secrets, and pay a high price for their continuing prosperity.

When Livvy falls into a seven year sleep, Will finds himself forced to contend against rival factions of fairies to save his true love, and to break the hold the Other Realm has over the Feierabends.  But how do you hold your own, let alone win, against creatures whose very nature is to lie and deceive?

The Uncertain Places will appeal to readers looking for a believable fantasy with strong roots in the real world. Will’s first person point of view brings immediacy to the story and Goldstein, an American Book Award winner, skillfully packs a lot of story into her 237 pages. 

Check out The Uncertain Places in print or as an e-book (Adobe PDF only), or for more contemporary takes on the worlds of Faerie, try Graham Joyce’s Some Kind of Fairy Tale,  or some of Charles de Lint’s titles, such as The Little Country or Forests of the Heart.

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