Monday, November 12, 2012

The Paper Bag Princess

The Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch is the ultimate anti-fairytale hiding beneath the guise of a fairytale. The story begins with a beautiful princess, a handsome prince, a castle, and a fearsome dragon. Next, there's castle arson and one of our royal protagonists is carried away by the fearsome dragon and the other sets off on a quest to get him/her back. Pretty typical right?

And that's when the fairy tale is turned on its head. Instead of a hero, we have a heroine on the hunt, and she is armed with nothing more than her incredible wit and words like, "magnificent", "fantastic" "smartest", and "fiercest", and clothed in a simple paper bag.  

Then, typically, there is the happy ending, although the happiness at the end of this story seems to be a bit more sustainable than in some of those other tales as the Paperbag Princess gallops off into the sunset.

Overall, this is a story that will appeal to both girls and boys ages 3-6 and the moms and dads sharing it with them. It's clever, well-written, and the illustrations by Michael Martchenko really help to bring the joy of the story to life.

Interested in reading some other not-so-fairy-tales? Check out Little Red: A Fizzingly Good Yarn by Lynn Roberts or Leah Wilcox's Falling for Rapunzel and Waking Beauty. These titles are all available at VBPL. The End.

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