Friday, November 30, 2012

A Year of Pies by Ashley English

'Tis the season for gift giving, families, and holiday celebrations - and most importantly, food! What makes the hectic holiday season more tolerable? Yes, baked goods. And with A Year of Pies the yummy, comforting goodness can last all year round!

Divided into seasons, Ashley English offers everything from dessert to savory dinner pies, as well as cold and heated options to meet the needs of every taste. There are takes on traditional classics, such as the blueberry pie and chicken pot pie, as well as fancier fare such as a nectarine and lavender crostata.

English also includes a brief history of pies and the basics of pie making including tools and techniques. Photographs accompany all the how-to basics pages making the instructions easy to follow. Additionally, English includes troubleshooting tips for the ever-essential pie crust, such as preventing soggy or overbrowned crust.

The recipes all contain ingredients that are seemingly readily available and English provides variations and tips for most recipes, such as replacing alcoholic beverages in those that call for it and how to best juice a lime. The author and baker states, "Creating a delicious pie emboldens you while it satiates you." She admits this statement is a bit bold and somewhat cheesy, but it is true nonetheless. English's recipes are simple enough to follow and feel accomplished, while pleasing the palate of even your toughest critic.

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