Thursday, October 18, 2012

Success in Hill Country

by Amy Clark

Appalachia has been isolated beyond the ages – even before the continent of North America was formed.  Geologists say that the Appalachian Mountains are among the oldest range on the planet at over 450 million years old.  As humans began settling in the area, they too were isolated, developing their own culture, heritage and persona. 

Virginia has its own slice of Appalachia in the far, southwest corner of the state. That small slice of Virginia and Appalachia has produced some very successful people.  Whether you consider success to be financial, academic, or something much more personal, there is something inside of us that can be traced back to our upbringing that gives us the foresight and fortitude to break through all kinds of barriers.  Barriers including those of social standing, finance, and education are discussed.

In Success in Hill Country, Dr. Amy Clark explores the ideology and upbringing of several successful people who grew up in Appalachian Hill Country.  Through biographies and interviews she considers the inspiration, ambition, and faith behind successful writers, businessmen, professional athletes, doctors, educators and more, who came from this largely misunderstood and often stereotyped region of the United States. 

Adriana Trigiani is one of those success stories.  Author of the Big Stone Gap series of fiction, Trigiani credits her mentors in Wise County, VA, her natural energy, sense of humor, and her faith for her success.  She is motivated by her readers and relationships with her peers.

Success in Hill Country is an inspirational and candid dialogue.  Written in a conversational style, it is easy to take to heart.  Pick up a copy and be inspired.

As an official publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Success in Hill Country is similar in tone and content to many of the foundation’s other publications.  If you enjoyed Success in Hill Country, you may also want to try Napoleon Hill’s Do It Now!  :  Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow, and many others, based on his well-known philosophy of leadership, self-motivation, and individual achievement.

Success in Hill Country, Big Stone Gap, and Napoleon Hill's works are available on VBPL's online catalog in many formats.


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