Friday, October 26, 2012

If I Lie by Corrine Jackson

If I Lie

Sophie Quinn has been caught doing the worst thing imaginable in her small military centered hometown, kissing a guy that is not her Marine boyfriend Carey.  Carey is viewed as a hometown hero for serving his country in the war but soon after being deployed, Carey is listed as MIA, sending the town into a panic. Sophie, who goes by Quinn now, is immediately branded as a liar and a slut and ostracized from everyone closest to her.  Her friends will no longer speak to her, her father will barely look at her, and worst of all, she is compared to her mother, who cheated on her father years ago. Quinn didn't actually cheat on Carey, the only problem is, if she comes forward with the truth, the impact could be devastating for Carey.  Quinn is forced to sacrifice her own reputation for a betrayal that she never actually committed. The question is... how far is Quinn willing to go to protect him? 

If I Lie introduces a powerful new voice to the contemporary scene. Alternating between present and past tense, Corrine Jackson divulges just enough of the past to enable you to really grasp the significance behind the events unfolding in the present.  The story is quickly paced, yet profoundly thought provoking, ultimately leaving you completely vested in the characters and contemplating the significance of the story long after you've finished reading.  If I Lie explores an important but often overlooked subject in teen fiction, subtly emphasizing a valuable message, that things are not always what they seem. 

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