Monday, October 22, 2012

Bulletproof Mascara by Bethany Maines

Lipstick and high heels and spies, oh my! Unemployed Nikki Lanier is still living at home with her overbearing mother after graduating with a degree that nets her zero job opportunities. A string of unsuccessful job interviews finally convinces Nikki to follow her mother's advice and attend a Carrie Mae Convention.  Nikki starts to think that maybe her life is finally starting to come together when she wins a free makeup starter kit...however after an embarrassing attempt at selling the makeup, it soon becomes evident that her future does not lie in cosmetic sales. Luckily for Nikki, Carrie Mae is much more than a cosmetics company that supports women's rights, and her background in linguistics may finally come in handy. Nikki is offered a position as a Carrie Mae support operative (code for spy) and sent off for training in the art of espionage.  Here she learns how to utilize acid nail polish and flash grenade compacts to take down her enemies, skills that will come in handy when she is sent off on her first mission to Thailand with veteran agent Val Robinson. Will her knowledge of covert espionage and her background in linguistics really be enough to bring Nikki home alive? 

Bulletproof Mascara is Gallagher Girls meets Stephanie Plum, combining two of my own personal favorite genres into one comical high-action thriller. Bethany Maines' debut novel is a promising start to what could be an addicting series.

If you enjoy this book, be sure to check out the next book in the series, Compact with the Devil. Looking for more chick lit mysteries?  Check out Sheryl J. Anderson's Molly Forrester series as well as Kyra Davis' Sophie Katz series. 

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