Monday, October 29, 2012

A Secret in her Kiss by Anna Randol

Major Bennett Prestwood is the perfect Regency officer, sworn to duty, honor, King and Country.  He’s served in the campaign against Napoleon, and now is ready to go home and attend to pressing family problems.  But England has one last mission for him – he must protect a spy who is providing valuable intelligence on the fortifications of the Ottoman Turkish Empire.  Sounds simple enough for a man who has endured hard campaigning and even torture for his country. 
But the spy turns out to be a woman, Mari Sinclair, with her own agenda.  Mari’s mother was Greek, originally a slave, and Mari will do anything to free her people from the Turkish yoke.  Serving England is a means to an end for Mari, and achieving that end may mean putting up with Bennett’s ‘babysitting,’ but it doesn’t mean she has to like it.
Debut author Randol has pulled together the classic elements of romance – two strong, passionate characters each determined to get what they want, and each equally determined that love has no place in their lives.  Since it is a romance, you can imagine how that turns out!
While the main focus of A Secret in Her Kiss is the growing relationship between Bennett and Mari, there’s more than enough plot here to keep the story moving.  Engaging characters, a period setting that’s definitely more exotic than the London society of a traditional regency, and a decent amount make this a really fun read. 
Check out A Secret in Her Kiss in the VBPL catalog, and for more romances with vivid locations and engaging storytelling, try the Regencies of Stephanie Laurens or Joanna Bourne.

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