Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Expats by Chris Pavone

This is a spy story unlike any I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put it down. It is full of intrigue with surprise after surprise up to the very last page. What little violence there is appears in flash backs. There is no flashy James Bond-type character. The protagonist is a young mother.

The Ex-Pats is an unusual combination of domesticity and high drama. Kate and Dexter Moore and their two small sons suddenly move from Washington D.C. to Luxembourg to take advantage of a job opportunity. Domestically, Kate is raising her small boys, having coffee with the other mothers, studying French, and completing the never ending chores of cleaning, cooking and grocery shopping. Dexter’s job keeps him late most nights, but the family does manage a number of weekends exploring Europe.

Sometimes, between dropping off the boys at school and picking them up, Kate may do a little breaking and entering—balancing on a ledge several stories up to get into an office, perhaps. She has begun to realize that she is being watched. As her suspicions are aroused she reluctantly and covertly resurrects some of her old skills. Kate was a CIA operative for 15 years, but Dexter doesn’t know this. Kate is not the only one with secrets—NO ONE is who or what they say they are. What kind of danger faces her family? Is it from her past? Or present?

You can find The Expats at the library. Read it in print, large print, or as a downloadable book. You can also download it as an audiobook.

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