Friday, September 21, 2012

My Orange Duffel Bag: a Journey to Radical Change

It's exciting to peek into someone's journal, whether they give you permission or not. And when the journal starts: "Born: the product of a rape. Unwanted.," you know the memories, ramblings, and life of the person writing it are probably going to keep you on the edge of the seat as you look through the pages. My Orange Duffel Bag: a Journey to Radical Change is the story of Sam Bracken, former college football player turned motivational speaker and author, and this is one journal you don't want to miss.

Abandoned officially at age 15, but basically since a very young child, Sam battled homelessness, drug abuse, poverty, and abuse and was able to turn his life around and earn a full scholarship to the Georgia Institute of Technology. When he set off on his journey to college, everything he owned fit in an orange duffel bag, and his struggles to succeed didn't stop there. He shares his story with us and gives pointers on how to overcome even the toughest of situations and radically change your life through looking at the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of your day to day experiences.

The true beauty in this book is the format it takes. While Sam Bracken provides the content of the story, it's the visual appeal of the book that makes it so interesting. "Brought to life by Echo Garrett" is how it's described on the cover, and when you look at it you'll see that it's set up like a visual journal, full of pictures, scribble-like fonts, and tabs like a notebook. It really is like peering into a journal, and nothing is better than seeing the hero turn out happy and content in the end.

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