Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fatale by Ed Brubaker

Three men are all involved with the same woman.  One in the present, two in the past.  Her name is Jo, and obsession follows her wherever she goes.  She destroys the men who fall for her, all in the name of something she wants.  But what is she after?  And what's after her?  Grisly murders, ancient horrors, and deadly mysteries are waiting for you in Fatale: Book One, Death Chases Me.

This is a very promising new ongoing series by author Ed Brubaker.  The plot is deliciously complex and surreal, featuring many mysteries with exciting twists and turns.  The story has a strong noir feel, with dirty cops, feisty reporters, and beautiful damsels. You won't get the answer to every mystery, but it's done in a way that draws you in and keeps you enthralled.  Lovecraftian themes also permeate the story.  Ancient horrors, mad cultists, and dark rituals abound in dark alleys and run-down buildings.
The artwork captures the noir feel with shadowy panels, tension-building sequences, and foreboding narration.  But be warned, there is the occasional gruesome murder.  This book is equal parts noir and horror, so expect some terrifying scenes.

If you like that special combination of mystery and horror, try out Shutter Island, by Dennis Lehane.  If you're looking for another excellent crime-noir graphic novel, Brian Azzarello's Filthy Rich and Ed Brubaker's other work, Criminal, are great choices.  Or if you're looking for some solid disturbing horror, check out Scott Snyder's ongoing comic series, Swamp Thing Volume 1, Raise Them Bones.

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