Wednesday, September 12, 2012

East Dragon, West Dragon by Robyn Eversole

East Dragon, West Dragon, by Robyn Eversole, is a delightfully playful book about two different dragons who are afraid of each other.  West dragon is really big and lives in a cave.  East dragon has a long tail and lives in a palace.  They don't know which dragon is the fiercest, so they keep their distance.  But then the knights from West Dragon's home get themselves into trouble in East Dragon's lands!  Will West Dragon go to save them?  What will happen if the two dragons meet?

This picture book is a great read for children in preschool and early elementary school.  The artwork is utterly charming and full of little humorous details that kids will have fun discovering.  The story is a blast, filled with dragons, knights, emperors, and even pirates.  There are plenty of opportunities in the book where parents can help their children work on their early literacy skills, such as building vocabulary and practicing narrative skills.  And children who read this book will see that even people who are very different can become good friends.

If you'd more children's stories about overcoming prejudices, try out The Little Bit Scary People, by Emily Jenkins, or Clancy, the Courageous Cow, by Lachie Hume.  If your child loves dragons, try out The Egg, by M. P. Robertson.

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Donna said...

Using the contrasting illustrations from the book was inspired. It was the final motivator for me to place a hold.