Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Archie's Pal Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller is a new student in Riverdale and he gets to be a character fully involved, with all the silly gags, jokes, and love life issues that you know and love in the Archie world, only he happens to be gay. While the Archie comics could have introduced this subject as a special one issue where we get to meet a character who happens to be gay, instead they have integrated Kevin into the comics as a core, rather important, character. Archie’s Pal Kevin Keller by Dan Parent is a great place to start to introduce yourself to the character and maybe to reintroduce yourself to the Archie world that you might have read as a child.

Archie comics have always been about representing an All-American town. And whether you like it or not, the fact is, All-American towns have gay people in them. While the introduction of the character was first presented as a shock, the character has actually been embraced by the Archie reading family and has brought new readers to the world. Some of the issues have been so popular that they’ve had to reissue them. This compilation of several of the issues helps introduce Kevin to the scene as a new kid that Veronica has a crush on. He’s blonde, blue eyed, athletic, and smart – of course Veronica would have a crush on him!

This book is a great introduction to the character, and we get to see Kevin’s ups and downs as he makes friends in Riverdale and is also subject of some issues as he tries to run for Student Council. What’s wonderful though is that not all the issues are focused on his character’s sexual orientation. Kevin can give Jughead a run for his money in an eating contest, he gets flop sweats when he has to speak in front of people, and he wants to grow up and serve in the military like his father who was a Colonel in the Army. He’s a perfect addition to the Archie world, and I think we’ll be seeing more and more of him in the future.

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