Friday, August 17, 2012

Outsmarting the Scam Artists by Doug Shadel

So you think you wouldn’t fall prey to a scam. You’re too smart to be taken in by a con artist, right? Surely only the naïve could be duped and bamboozled. Well you might be surprised to find out just who exactly succumbs to a scammer. Research shows that some of the most intelligent and successful individuals have fallen victim to fraud.

Outsmarting the Scam Artists, written by Doug Shadel with the backing of the AARP, examines this unfortunately all too common problem. Shadel is state director for AARP Washington. He is a former fraud investigator and a renowned expert on financial fraud. He certainly knows his stuff and in this work he presents plenty of eye-opening information.

Although senior citizens are considerably more susceptible to fraud than other segments of the population, this book is not intended strictly for seniors. As Shadel attests, anyone can end up a victim. The book’s main objective is to help everyone avoid being ensnared by the harmful clutches of professional swindler. You will be educated on the thought process of the con artist as well as the stages of fraud. In addition, you will be introduced to various types of scams, become acquainted with the characteristics of individuals most vulnerable to fraud, and be furnished with prevention strategies. Shadel even provides a quiz for readers to determine their fraud vulnerability.

Maybe you are immune to scams. But what about others you know? Read Outsmarting the Scam Artists and then share with your friends and family what you’ve learned so that they can protect themselves from future fraud-motivated predators. Check the VBPL catalog to locate additional items on this topic.

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