Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon (DVD)

Hiccup is not your typical Viking. Being the son of the chief, he has always dreamed of fitting in with the others and becoming a dragon-slayer. His penchant for inventing often lands him in a lot of trouble, but when a chance hit injures a potentially rare dragon, he thinks that he’s finally found his chance to become a real Viking and fit in. He races to find the creature, prepared to kill it, but when he finds it he cannot bring himself to kill the creature and instead leaves it alive.

Returning to where he left the injured dragon, he slowly begins befriending the dragon, calling it Toothless. As he spends time with Toothless, he quickly finds him in contradiction to the ferocious creatures of legend that viciously attack the village. He continues working with Toothless, learning about dragons and how to handle them. He uses what he learns to excel in his Viking class, finally fitting in and making his father proud. Soon though he finds himself in contradiction with his new-found popularity and protecting Toothless.

Typically, Dreamworks movies have seemed a little lackluster in comparison to those put out by Pixar but How to Train Your Dragon shines just as bright. It is a fantastic story of friendship and seeing beyond differences. Hiccup is an encouraging character who learns that everyone deserves a second chance, be it an enemy or the accident-prone teenager who just wants to fit in. Through Toothless, Hiccup learns that there are two sides to every story and each of them should be kept in mind. Though a cliché zero-to-hero story, it is easily overlooked with great one liners and action-packed battle scenes. Dreamworks's How to Train Your Dragon is a great movie for all ages and one you'll want to check out over and over again.

You can check out How to Train Your Dragon on DVD. For more adventure you can also check out the original series by Cressida Cowell.

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