Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maid of Murder by Amanda Flower

  • Loaded with eccentric characters, Maid of Murder introduces India Hayes, reference librarian, as she tries to prove her brother Mark is innocent of murder.

India has agreed to be a bridemaid for childhood friend Olivia Blocken but-
• This is a problem for her brother Mark, who is obsessed with Olivia (who dumped him in high school) –
• And Olivia is found gravely injured in Mark’s arms in a Martin College fountain

When Olivia dies, Mark is suspect number one. India figures out who killed Olivia, in spite of help from
• her activist parents,
• her supportive boss (who never calls India by her correct name),
• her librarian friend, Bobby (who helps India, but only if she takes the unpleasant reference jobs),
• the Martin College provost (who wants to get rid of Mark and India

Amanda Flower has created a cast of characters that entertain, but could easily distract from the plot. Fans of Meg Langslow (Donna Andrews’ blacksmith) may enjoy meeting India and her friends and family, but unlike Meg’s family, India’s is sometimes shrill rather than eccentric and amusing. Still, I look forward to reading about India Hayes in her next adventure.


Kathryn Lively said...

Very nice review. I am a local author with a new mystery out. I would be happy to send the VB library a copy for review. Please advise.

Matthew R said...

Hi Kathryn, thanks for the comment. I will send you an email with details.