Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Scoundrels of St. James Series – Lorraine Heath

If you enjoy steamy historical romance, and have a desire to lose sleep for the next 4 days, I highly recommend Lorraine Heath’s The Scoundrels of St. James Series. These books are like Lay’s potato chips in that I bet you can’t read just one. Highly addictive, fast-paced storylines will quickly transport you back to 1800’s London, and keep you reading late into the night.

The Scoundrels of St. James Series is the story of 4 children who were raised as child thieves in the grimy underbelly of London until one of the boys is discovered to be the lost son of an aristocrat. With this as the catalyst, a series of events unfold to transport these friends into the upper echelons of London society. And this is just what you discover from the book’s prologues.

Each story focuses on one of the characters as they struggle to live their lives within a world where few are accepted without a title and traceable lineage. You will meet an aristocrat who believes he is an imposter, a former pickpocket who now runs a highly successful gentleman’s club, a conman turned government agent and a young woman who mothered this group of misfit men even though she was just a child herself. And, of course, the romance will not disappoint. If you are looking for richly-detailed, steamy romance with evocative and dramatic characters then these are the books for you.

Though a series, these romances do not need to be read in order. I read through these books quickly, and dreaded finishing the series and having to search for another of equal quality. Each book references all of the characters, which helps immerse you into their world and makes the reader feel like part of the group. I am eagerly anticipating the announcement of a 5th book, as there are actually 5 friends introduced in these novel, the last being an ex-grave robber turned physician. I can’t wait to see what his tale holds.

I have to admit that at times the covers and titles of these (and most romance novels) can be embarrassing to read in public, but I have to say that I read Between The Devil and Desire in the doctor’s office this week and didn’t even realize that I had been sitting there for almost an hour before they called me up to apologize.

To check out these fast-paced romances look for In Bed with the Devil, Between the Devil and Desire, Surrender to the Devil and Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel at VBPL today.

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