Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barn Sneeze by Karen B. Winnick

Barn Sneeze is a delightful new picture book that encourages read-aloud fun and parent child interaction. The story takes us to a farm where everyone has the sneezies. Though simple, the plot quickly engages children as they join you in discovering how each animal on the farm would sneeze.

For example,
“Cow sneezed. Moo-CHOO. Moo CHOO. The hay blew.”
“Quack-CHOO, Went Duck. Quack –CHOO. Quack-CHOO. He flapped his wings and up he flew.”

Winnick’s illustrations depict vivid images of the various sneezing animals. Done in pastels, these pictures reflect images that a child may imitate at home with their own crayons. Overall the book is visually appealing and approachable.

When I read this book aloud to a group of preschoolers they quickly joined in and helped me tell the story by guessing aloud which animal sound would come next. And, as an added bonus this lively story builds early literacy skills! The interactive plot encourages print motivation and the rhyming text and animal sounds help children hear the smaller sounds in words, a skill they need when they learn to read.

I recommend Barn Sneeze for ages 2-4. If you are looking for a great new interactive bedtime story, or a picture book to read aloud check out Barn Sneeze today. If you enjoy this one you may also like This Little Chick by John Lawrence.


Kaitlin said...

The kids loved this at Storytime! It is a really fun book. Thanks for letting us know about it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review! :)