Thursday, April 29, 2010

Smitten By David Gordon

Let's talk opposites. Quite often, opposites are offered together despite their differences. Hot and cold. Up and down. How about hand and foot? Mitten and sock? But what happens when the two become tangled and form an inseparable bond? Now we have Smitten by David Gordon.

Somehow, both the blue Sock and the pink Mitten end up losing their match. The two set out together to find their other half, along the way encountering obstacles beyond their five appendaged comprehension.

First, there is a stampede of children. Next is the not-so-refreshing dip in a garbage can (ending with a discussion of who smells worse). And then, if that weren't bad enough, the death defying escape from a subway train! When Mitten becomes injured, Sock uses cunning and ingenuity to repair his friend. Each learns what it truly means to have a match.

An entrancing story with adorable illustrations that you, and any kiddies you know, will love! If you are smitten with this story, you might also check-out Spoon or Little Pea, both by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

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