Monday, March 08, 2010

Learning to Breathe by Alison Wright

Alison Wright is able to combine her love of photojournalism with her driving desire to bring the conditions of those less fortunate to the attention of all. She takes on assignments from many different groups such as UNICEF to travel to developing nations. She documents the disappearing cultures and struggling children of many underprivileged countries and ethnic groups. Her work appears in many sources such as TIME Magazine and National Geographic. She is extremely independent, incredibly brave, and very dedicated.

In 2000, she is involved in a horrific bus accident while traveling in Laos. Now, she must rely on all her past experiences of surviving in developing nations as well as her training in meditation. Ride along with Alison Wright as so many strangers race to save her life along the journey. You will travel through her story from her fourteen hour journey to receive advanced medical care in Thailand to her recovery in the United States.

I highly recommend this biography. Alison Wright is inspiring, not only from her ability to recover from her injuries but her entire life story is an amazing journey of a woman documenting the world with her photography. We never know what we are able to do to help others and to help ourselves! You can find Learning to Breathe in the Virginia Beach Public Libraries. You may also want to check out some of her work as well. Pick up a copy of Faces of Hope from the library!

If you enjoyed reading Learning to Breathe, then you may also enjoy The Wishing Year by Noelle Oxenhandler or The Last Season by Eric Blehm.

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