Friday, February 19, 2010

NIGHTLIFE by Rob Thurman

Just one more day, one more way to survive. That is always the immediate goal for the two brothers, Cal and Niko Leandros--shelter over their heads, food in their bellies, an occasional gig or cash job to get by, always training, always aware and on guard. This is a harsh life, especially in New York City, concrete jungle and home to all manner of nasty beasties when the sun goes down . . .

Cal and Niko can tell you all about the Boggle in Central Park, with shark-like teeth and mud for a skin--or the death-dealing Troll that lives under the Brooklyn Bridge; uptown you can catch a glance of vampires strolling on the sidewalk after dark; downtown the werewolves like their smoky, dank and greasy pool halls. But the two young men, Niko who is a martial arts wizard and college grad, and Caliban a raven-haired, pale skinned half-human with a sarcastic mouth, have worse things to face every night; they learn from rumor and rumble around town that the monster, the red-eyed demon Auphe, has been sighted near the Empire State building.

Cal's Auphe father has come to collect on his genetic investment with a trashy human female--his son, the key to releasing the rest of the Auphe from the fiery dimension they call home. So Niko and Cal go to buy a cheap getaway car, from a car salesman/'puck' named Robin Goodfellow; they gain an ally and a junker . . .

But then things go from bad to worse, as a banshee called Darkfella plays possession games with Caliban, the boys and Robin are ambushed by a grumpy troll, and more of the nasty Auphe show up for battle, kidnapping, blood and guts---anything and everything.
There are sword fights, action, lots of hysterical laughter, growling(from the trolls and the Boggle), and much cynical repartee.

This first novel by Rob Thurman introduces the Cal Leandros stories: the next sequential editions are Moonshine, Madhouse and Deathwish, with more to follow.

Look for Nightlife, and the others in the VBPL catalog when you have a craving for paranormal adventure.

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