Wednesday, February 17, 2010

INKED: an anthology

What is more contemporary than this current obsession that many people have concerning the acquisition of a tattoo? These inked designs are needled into skin for many reasons: to commemorate an anniversary or birthday, to highlight a romance, as a sudden fashionable whim or a grim memorial to a past event or person.

They are painful to imprint and almost impossible to erase once acquired.

But in the alternate worlds of dark fantasy and the paranormal, tattoos are much, much more.

This anthology, Inked, has the New York Times bestselling authors Karen Chance and Marjorie M. Liu joining with another NYT bestselling author, Yasmine Galenorn and Eileen Wilks, a USA Today bestselling writer, to produce four tales of otherworldly body art.

In "Skin Deep", magical skin 'wards' can both kill and protect their owners, as war mage Accalia de Croissets discovers, when she goes on a hunt for a rogue serial killer targeting the local werewolf clan in the subterranean tunnels of Las Vegas. Teaming up with her lover and brother to the Arnou Clan leader, Lia expends every magical trick she possesses--including a fiery surprise from her reluctant dragon tat--even as she descends into a murass of lies, blood magic, and political mayhem.

In "Armor of Roses", hunter Maxine Kiss journeys through time to Shanghai in 1944 to assist her grandmother in righting an old wrong. With the help of her tattooed coterie of small demons Maxine tracks down a vicious vampiric creature living on the induced pain of her tattooed slaves, and ends the threat to her future---and her grandmother's future, as well.

In "Etched In Silver", Half-Fae YIA agent Camille D'Artigo is assigned to a career-breaking rape and murder case by her bigoted supervisor. He's thinking she will fail and be humiliated before the whole department--she angrily refuses to even consider giving up. Then, in the course of the investigation, she meets a Svartan named Trillian, a handsome subterranean Fae man with the same purpose as herself. A life-bond is formed between them as they track down the killer. After the rapist's capture, Camille and Trillian celebrate the consummation of their bond with a ritual involving magic, silver lines imprinted all over their bodies, and the permanence of a psychic connection falling into place for the rest of their lives.

As "Human Nature" begins, FBI agent Lily Yu and her fiance Rule Turner are just about to step out for dinner to celebrate her birthday, when his cell phone rings. A good friend has been murdered, a former classmate and boyhood buddy. So Rule and Lily leave Washington, D.C. to return to California, home to the Nokolai werewolf clan, as Rule is 'the Nokolai prince', the public face to his future position as clan head. Blood magic is involved in the murder, upsetting the whole community; both Lily and Rule deftly maneuver around bigoted law enforcement officials as they interview suspects and investigate the horrors of a killer that can bring down werewolves with tattoos, drugs, sorcery, and a very sharp blade.

Tattoos are what you make of them, design, art, remembrances or witchcraft. Inked is a welcome addition of stories bringing to print another entertaining definition of body art.

Look for it in the VBPL catalog.

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Eileen said...

I stumbled across this today and thought it was cool on several counts. First, cool that you're actively recommending books for library patrons. The second "cool" is because one of my stories is in the anthology. And third, it's personally cool because I once lived in Norfolk--which, of course, snuggles right up to Virginia Beach. I've got great memories of the area.