Thursday, December 10, 2009


Have you ever worried that you might have inherited bad genes from your parents?

Imagine being cursed to become pregnant at the age of 17 with the knowledge that you will fall quickly into a state of insanity after your baby is born. This is reality for 17 year old Lucy, who is haunted by the curse of the Scarborough girls.

Nancy Werlin’s novel, Impossible, begins with Lucy. Lucy is a typical teen being raised by loving foster parents. Lucy has seen her birth mother off and on throughout her life, but feels little connection to the homeless insane bagwoman that she has become. That is until she is raped on prom night. Lucy finds herself 17, pregnant and holding her mother’s diary in her hands. This diary holds the secret to the curse of the Scarborough girls, the very curse that has befallen Lucy’s mother and has her in its clutches.

Based on the lyrics and history of the folk song “Scarborough Fair” also known as “The Curse of the Elfin King” Lucy must accomplish the 3 impossible tasks found within the song’s lyrics or become property of the Elfin Kings, forced to live out the rest of her life in a state of insanity and curse her daughter to follow the same path. Though Lucy’s ancestors have all failed to break the curse Lucy has one thing they did not . . . loving parents and a devoted boyfriend who will do anything to stop history from repeating itself.

This modern day fairy tale starts slowly and builds to a suspenseful finale as Lucy races to accomplish the 3 impossible tasks. Full of fantasy and romance I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys supernatural romance and modern day fairytales.

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