Monday, December 28, 2009

The Art of Fabric Collage by Rosemary Eichorn

A rare treat for the eyes! Gorgeous wearable art vests, tunics and coats made in colors varying from somber earth tones to vibrant purples and reds abound in this book. Even though one of the first headings is “But I Don’t Know How to Sew!”, this book targets the adventurous experienced quilter.

In the first several chapters, Eichorn goes into detail about collage design, fabric selection, free-motion sewing, and finishing techniques. The second half of the book covers how to collage a vest, enhance the lining, and select the closure as well as the final chapter on extra details.

The chapter on collaging a vest was the most informative. This section contains detailed instructions on vest pattern adjustments in order to get the perfect fit. The illustrations, pictures and text are the perfect blend to convey the techniques necessary to complete the projects.

If you want inspiration for a new sewing project or to see beautiful garments please pick up a copy of this book.

Check the VBPL catalog for The Art of Fabric Collage.

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