Friday, May 08, 2009

New Blood by Gail Dayton

It is 1860 in Victorian Eastern Europe when Jax Greyson walks out of the Austrian forest and knocks on the rough cabin door of Amanusa Whitcomb. She lives alone, earning her keep as a healer to a violent band of outlaws as she slowly discovers a most unusual magic within herself. Jax will help to teach her about more of her talent, and bring her out of ignorance into the glaring reality of what she really is--a successor to the title of Blood Sorceress.
Yvaine of Braedun transferred the title-and all of its gifts of knowledge and power-into her blood servant, Jax, before she met her fiery end by burning at the stake in 1642 in England. Since then Jax has wandered all over Europe searching for the new recipient until he was finally drawn to Austria-and to the tantalizing aura of a potential blood sorceress.
Together Jax and Amanusa begin an incredible journey across Europe. To meet with the Imperial Council of Magicians in France is their goal--for Dead Zones are appearing all over the Continent sucking the land dry of fauna, flora, and all things living. Amanusa's fledgling powers will become paramount in the fight against this anathema, as magicians and sorceresses unite to supply the collective magic needed to stop the horrible threat.
The blood slave Jax and his mistress will share everything--knowledge, power, and an uncomfortable trust that transforms into a promise of something more generous and lasting between them.
Yet the social restrictions towards women with any talent are rigid during this point in time, and the technology is growing by leaps and bounds. There are numerous incredible perils to overcome, and ugly truths in the past to sort out. But this first volume in a new series is a riveting read, carefully drawn in a parallel universe by a skilled author.
Just imagine Paris in the springtime, with magicians, mystery and---New Blood.

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